[DEAL] Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal discussion

Hello /r/homeimprovement,

While we mostly frown upon commercial promotion here, for this upcoming weekend we’ll dedicate this post to tracking any Home Improvement deals you may run across. Slickdeals (link) has a great compilation of all the Black Friday deals and scans of all ads. We’ve already removed a few posts, so if you see any new ones started, please report them so we can remove it and refer them to this thread. We will sticky this through the weekend.

Please note, we have many folks from across the globe so please tag your global location if pertinent.

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Hallway Before and After

Can you guess which is before and after? Trim, paint and new lighting.

It started in the bathroom with a necessary redo because of tile on green board. After we got the structural stuff in the bathroom done… the hall looked sad… pretty came next and it made sense to run it into the hall.

  1. 1×3’s and some PVC bead trim on the inside line of each of the 1×3’s.
  2. Cutting the PVC trim was easy with clippers and beat running back and forth to the saw. After I finished… I found some scissors on amazon that has a guide you can dial for the perfect angle.
  3. We used construction adhesive and a brad nailer. The only thing I was not impressed by was the brad nailer we used made little dents in the PVC. I was able to fill the brad hole but the dents show. You have to really look to find them but I know where they are. I loved the flexibility of the PVC but would consider the application when I used it again.
  4. 4 tubes of caulk… hides a multitude of sins.
  5. The blue paint is the intended color and as we ummed and awed over 2 different tones at the paint desk… the young man in the apron pulled out a gallon already mixed and asked if it was in the area of what we were looking for…. for $9 bucks it was exactly what we were looking for. Don’t mind if I do. Three coats and a careful finish roll top to bottom.
  6. Stood back and looked at the finished handy work… we didn’t consider the lights and thought where the wall met the ceiling looked rough. Off to Ikea for lightening and a little more bead trim to trim out that ceiling line for a finished look.
  7. Dressing it up this weekend with some pictures from the honeymoon in Greece.

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Have severe dust + polens allergies and dust problems in my houseb

Hello,i vacuum my house almost daily (literally every day ) but even after that dust magically comes back (and a lot ) (which is not easy for me because of breathing problems : i have asthma + allergies ) 🙁

I got recently something with some kind of ioniser which worked great but stopped using (as I know it’s not something which is not good )

What can i do improve the situations ? I saw some dyson air purifier but i wonder if these even work!

Anything i can do to impo

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Pouring concrete for driveway in winter

We are purchasing a spec house and temperatures for the next week or so are predicted to be in the 50s during the day but approach freezing at night

Should I be worried that they plan on pouring concrete for the driveway at this time? Since it’s a spec house I really don’t have any recourse. He is saying you just can’t pour when it’s freezing so the water in the mixture doesn’t freeze but once it’s hard it doesn’t matter

Any suggestions?

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